Sometimes you miss a week because you were bedridden for most of it, and then it was your birthday!  I’m allowed to take a break to celebrate, right? Right??

Anyway, this was the only outfit that didn’t involve pyjamas or lounge pants in some way, and it made me feel extra comfortable and happy to be bright and eye-catching on my birthday. I even wore these gorgeous (definitely NOT cheap) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles limited edition Doc Martens – of Raphael, of course! I love my angry red boy!

I’ve worn these boots before for my university graduation, along with several other Raphael accessories, and boy did they attract a lot of attention! They were a gift for celebrating that exact graduation, and I was not passing up on an opportunity to break them out again. A good pair of shoes can really make an outfit stand out.

Better weeks come along in the end, and I can spend my time hanging out with my friends during this unexpectedly hot weather. Why did I even bother with sleeves? It’s far too warm!

I definitely want to mention some very new items I bought with my birthday money that I was able to happily combine together for a recent trip to London:

The retro Playstation1 tshirt is an official Playstation product and I was able to grab it at a reduced price of £4.99 at my local Game store! It made me feel very nostalgic about the games I used to play as a child, and I absolutely adore the fade effect on it.

The other item is the brand new black high waisted shorts! Stretchy, comfortable and well-priced from Primark, and a much better shade of black for my outfits than my faded New Look ones. I’ve also been promised by a good friend that these shorts will last a good few years without fading or holes rubbing in, so I hope they hold up to their high praise!

Hopefully with the next week I will be able to break out some other new items I grabbed with my birthday money, and maybe get my hands on some more hot bargains!


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