Sometimes the weather just isn’t cooperative enough for you to wear the outfit you want, and sometimes your battered, broken phone isn’t cooperative enough to take the selfie you want. Either way you can still put that outfit together and feel like you made the effort, even if you’re only going out to watch a plastic duck race at your local park.

I have to admit, I am really loving these shorts. They’re stretchy, they don’t pinch, and the pockets are huge. Being able to fit my whole phone in my pocket has been a very exciting novelty for me.

I’m also trying to break away from wearing just snapbacks these days. The weather hasn’t been settled enough nor has my hair been tamed enough for me to dive into my massive hair accessory collection, so I’m still sticking to hats. After finding my very cosy beanie from Mountain Warehouse (very cosy, not itchy in any way, a nice knit pattern on the outside and soft fleece on the inside) I found a old cap I picked up from a store in France during a school trip – I remember nothing much about it’s price, the brand (I have long-since cut the label off) or the store I bought it, but it’s made a welcome return to my wardrobe, alongside a number of other long-forgotten caps.

I think I may give the back of my wardrobe a little clear-out, and then see what gems lay hidden in there from forgotten years. I advise anyone else to see what they can dig out, and if they can re-introduce old accessories and garments into their every day outfits before going out to see if they can buy something new.

Hopefully in this upcoming week I’ll have a lot of lovely finds to show off!


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