Very late, but I can assure you i had a very good reason. I was on a family holiday at the Yorkshire coast! For this reason, I will once again be breaking the post into the first and second week. Also, my phone camera is broken, I do apologise for blurry photos.

Now, the thing about going on holiday, especially to a smaller place than where you’re from, can be a bit anxiety inducing if you’re an eccentric dresser. Home is familiar ground, you know what you’re comfortable with wearing around the people you’re used to. A new place with a lot of strangers can feel a bit intimidating.

My main trick with packing for the holiday was making sure I felt like I had a set outfit for each day, and all the outfits felt practical for sightseeing and poking around the beach. Once I felt secure in that, I found I was a bit less worried about small-town locals staring at me. And honestly, if you were able to break the initial worry of wearing unusual clothes the first time, then you can overcome it again!

Truly, my biggest comfort this holiday was the gorgeous combo of my  My Little Pony denim shorts and jacket, which i grabbed from Primark – a little more on the pricey side of their clothes but worth it and will definitely last forever. Of course I immediately decorated it with pins and badges. Something about their cute, retro feel made my summertime wanderings along the sea feel a lot more natural.

Over the second week I was able to really break out some new favourites. Definitely I need to talk about the chokers I got from amazon – 4 for £6! Every time I find a single choker at a store or on a stand somewhere I’m tempted, but they’re usually at around £5-10 each, which makes me a bit nervous while I decide which colour I want. Needless to say I was delighted to find I could buy a collection for much cheaper, and singular chokers with two colours are within the £1-£2 range!

I also grabbed another top on sale at game – this Hero’s of the Storm Lich King tee for only £5. I was a hug fan of WoW when I was younger and just couldn’t afford the merch, so it was nice to find a cute Jinx company tee for so cheap.

And, of course, a rescued hat from the back of my wardrobe sneaking its way into my outfits. I love the little badge on the buckle and I’m definitely taking it out more often!

My advice for these weeks are: where what you like, where you like, and always check elsewhere before spending a lot of money on an accessory!


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