Had a bit of a busy one this week. Started out dressing for the British summer heatwave and ended it wondering if I should carry an umbrella for the rain!

Of course, I always try to be prepared.

If I learned anything at the beginning of this week, it is that I really need to invest in some pretty tights – all mine are black for formal occasions and simply far too thick for the weather (and I’m not a fan of getting my bare legs out). So I’ve poked around Ebay for a few cute pairs for the next time we get an unexpected 3 days of hot weather!

I was able to pick up some stuff for this week, though, as the weather got cooler. A friend and I jumped into a Preloved Vintage Kilo Sale happening in our city and had an absolute blast.I genuinely suggest anyone go looking for these in their local area – you’re handed a bag and let wild into a room full of clothes, and you pay by weight only. This is less ideal if you’re after denim, but very ideal for me who was after light shirts and fleece. I ended up with the lovely purple shirt that I can now wear over t-shirts to make a cute extra layer to my outfits, as well as a number of other very 90’s items. The giant glasses, too, were only £5!

I’ve made a very big decision for myself when it comes to my use of makeup. I didn’t used to wear makeup before I went to university, and even then it was only the slight bit of eyeliner. Living with people who actively put on a full face of makeup made me feel strangely compelled to wear more (though they never suggested I should). I ended up relying very much on my eyeliner and eyebrow pencil to make me feel good enough to go outside. It wasn’t until I read this writing here that I realised that my makeup had become less about self-expression and more about my desire to re-shape my eyes and make my eyebrows look more appealing – not about my want for eccentric appearances.

So, since then, I’m now actively refusing to use makeup that I only use to make myself ‘feel human’ and only the makeup that feels like it adds to my outfit and makes me feel exciting and different. This way I can accept my natural face more openly, and feel freer to play around with makeup as an art form!

I think this should not only be a challenge to me, but maybe to those who read this too. Wear your eyeliner, but only because it’s fun and not because you think it ‘fixes’ your face. Embrace makeup as an art, and not an answer to harmful beauty standards.


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