Another quiet week for going out, very busy for staying indoors trying to get stuff done. Nothing big or exciting this week except for a small fluffy unicorn keychain hanging off my bag. Trying to save this week to go off to Poland soon, so it’s going to be quiet until I get back.

Honestly with all this fluctuating weather it’s been hard to wear the right outfit. One day I’m in my usual t-shirt and leggings and completely overhead without a jacket, the next it’s looking grey and cold and by the evening my denim jacket isn’t enough to keep away the chill.

Honestly my only advice for this can be: dress light, bring a good jacket, and check weather apps frequently.

Also, as much as I’m a huge fan of them, avoid chokers. I’ve put one on in the morning and taken if off before I stepped out of the house because the heat and humidity that built underneath it was not pleasant. Perhaps consider them a more spring/autumn accessory. Or even winter if you’re not going to be wearing high collars.

Due to humidity and heat, I haven’t been able to accessorise a lot because metal clasps can get hot and having things around your neck and wrists makes it harder for you to regulate your body temperature. As a result, my outfits have relied a lot on the clothes themselves and the bag with them.

I will admit, I’m fairly enjoying the feel of double denim, especially with block colours around them. I like the simplicity it brings that also has quite a striking look to it. A large block of pale blue with pink around it that gets more intricate the closer you are is quite a fun way to dress and very eye-catching from a distance.

Similarly, I love creating outfits to go with my Mondrian leggings that require colour matching with different items. I would like to have used a hairclip on that day, but I am desperately in need of a haircut!

Once my hair is more presentable, I’ll likely break out various long forgotten accessories – and even a few I’ve never had a chance to wear out!

Stay hydrated this summer guys, it’s a hot one!


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