Late again! It’s been busy – packing and getting ready for a holiday really throws you off. And just so you’re aware, there’ll be no blog post next week as I will be exploring Poland.

This week looks like I was out for some excitement, but honestly not a lot happened. The first day was a comfortable, warmer outfit for…drinking in the park. Like a true classy adult. Needless to say there was a bit of bar-crawling, but I was hardly planning for partying. All cosy and covered up for getting sloshed in a field. The sun did not last here.

The day I really dressed up was, as you can see, to get a haircut (as well as some cash for the holiday)! I love the experience of getting my head shaved and I was tempted to take more off, but I remember a haircut I had before where I let the middle grow long and I’ve been tempted to go back to that. It’s going to need more bleach though…

You might notice here, the denim jacket now has a lovely patch on it! It’s stuck on with fabric glue currently but I intend to stitch around it to keep it secure. I picked it up cheaply at the Doctor Who experience, which is sadly closing, but it identifies me as an official companion! Not shown, but the back of the jacket has an “Earl Grey” patch in a lovely shade of purple. I’m definitely hunting for more to decorate it. I’ve spied a few nice fast-food patches in Claires…

The final comfortable blue outfit was just for a doctor appointment down the road. First impressions are fairly important and I worried showing up in bright attire might have her inspect my eyesight or something embarrassing. Though in the waiting room I did have the lovely experience of having a young girl comment on my hair being “golden”.

Think I might dye it an exciting colour.

Hang around and wait for my next update (hopefully I’ll get to it Sunday just so it’s a bit earlier than normal) where I’ll show off my holiday gear! I might even put in a few packing tips for eccentric dressers…


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