The first half of my trip to Poland was full of sunshine and European summer heat. It’s impressive how many days you need to unpack and recuperate after a trip away, I was exhausted and cold as death when I landed back in the UK.

As you can see I invested in some adorable new tights! Each pair was bought either on Amazon or Ebay at low prices and there was a definite mix in quality, so take heed. If you’re going abroad I will advise definitely invest in tights over leggings (if you’re like me and cover your legs up) because they take up much less space, are breathable in the heat and if it unexpectedly rains (it did) they’ll dry faster. Sleeveless tops and crop-tops will also help you in this way! Wear your bulkiest jacket on your flight and pack a lightweight jacket or shirt for cooler days. I packed 2 pairs of shorts and wore one, but I’m sure most people can handle less for only 8 nights.

The bear tights cost only £1.88 on Amazon (obviously price will vary depending on when and from who you get them) and they’re at the top of my recommended cute tights list. The pattern is dyed in and won’t fade, and overall are a fairly standard pair of graphic tights. They only came in small from the store I bought but fit me fine (size 10-14 depending on the cut of my shorts, but you get the idea), but if you’re looking for larger you might have to poke around a bit.

The cat tights cost £1.99 from Amazon as well and they’re distinctly lower on my list. The pattern is painted on and that may be fine for some people, for me it was a little annoying to see the low quality and within the day the paint had begun to rub off. Fortunately the company that make the bear tights also make cat tights, and I would recommend going after those if you’re looking for some cute kitty designs!

The pastel space tights came from Ebay at only £1.75 and they were fantastic, adorable and very comfortable. They were Flirt brand tights and if you are able to come across these cheaply I would recommend the band.

You can see from the awkward bathroom selfie angle that these next few days were busy, and I was forced to take them at the end of the day when my hair was long ruined and my makeup half melted in the heat.

The rather decorate pair of tights were from Ebay at £3.99 and were the most expensive tights I’d purchased. Sadly you can’t quite make it out, but they have a pretty doodle-like pattern on them that made them very striking and fun to wear with the MLP shorts. Combining them with the wide-sleeved Atmosphere top gave the outfit a very playful childish feeling and though i regretted wearing sleeves on such a hot day, I certainly felt bright and fun.

I don’t recall if I’ve showed off this unicorn top before, but it’s from Aut-Box which is a store in Camden Market. It’s very pricey but their clothes are unique and incredible, and if you love unusual and colourful clothes and would like to really treat yourself you can shop online or get really incredible goodies like this sparkly-sleeved top in their store.

Again another pair of tights from Amazon for £1.95, a much loved Totoro image from the Ghibli franchise. Again I had issues with the low-quality print, and though it stayed on through the day the pattern itself was unevenly printed and a bit messy. Needless to say I was a little disappointed and should I go tights hunting again I will have to look around with a keener eye, but you can’t complain too much for the price.

Finally a purchase I made in Poland. This amazing tshirt cost 29.99zl which is roughly £6.30. The quality of it feels like it should be between £25-£30 and the pattern is beautifully printed, fun and original. It’s a Befree Man top that I was able to grab in a sale, and nearly purchased several others had I not been literally limited by the cash in my wallet.

Always pack small for a holiday, especially to a place where the clothes are cheaper. You may end up shopping while there, and you’ll find some amazing bargains. But be prepared for unexpected weather changes – it never hurts to take a hat.



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