Even if you’re keeping things mellow in your day-to-day, it’s worth snapping at any chance you have to go all-out on a nice outfit. It can be anything like lunch with a friend or, better yet, comic con! These are the times you can break out all your favourites.

This wildly colourful 80’s fleece jacket was snapped up at the Preloved Vintage Kilo Sale I attended some time ago and I’ve just managed to wash the second-hand smell out and had the weather to wear it. I’ve dolled it up with a few badges over the brand name (as much as I will brand-name drop when suggesting clothes, I’m not a fan of wearing them) and added a cute Primark rollerskate pin to the collar to give it a really retro vibe.

If you can find very popular colour combinations on clothes and accessories it’s worth working your outfit around those to maximise combos, and make any additions that aren’t one of those colours really stand out.

Con was a great opportunity for me to dress up when all my cosplays were inaccessible. I received any compliments from people about my outfit and, as I had brought my Despicable Me unicorn bag along with, had a very excited following of children saying ‘hello’ to me all over the building.

Though a little difficult to see in the picture, I was able to sport some interesting new lip makeup. A trip through Primark ended me with a glitter-lipstick set with purple lip-liner, sparkle lipgloss and a pot of lipstick. I will admit the lip-liner was mostly worthless and ran out very fast,so I combined it with my purple Nyx lipstick and added a tiny bit of the lipgloss to make it extra sticky, then went mad with applying glitter. The glitter immediately set the lipstick, making it dry and unlikely to smear anywhere and held surprisingly well. And as a bonus, I was covered in glitter for the day!

The accessories came from all sorts of places: Claires, fan-artists, amazon, random stores selling kids jewellery…The hair ones are all gifts given by a friend who really understood my tastes.

I can suggest two people to look into if you’re after some cute individual accessories. The person I bought my Voltron: Legendary Defender badges can be found here and has always produced some of the most beautiful, quality fandom accessories I have come across. As well, I bought the adorable cat-ear hairband from a brilliant artist who makes some incredible unique products and can be found here.

Really, when it came down to it, the Irregular Choice trainers won many people over. These are the Candy Damsel pair that light up when stamped, and are expensive as they look but worth every penny. They definitely needed a week or two of breaking in properly, but for a first ride out at a convention they were comfortable and absolutely unparalleled in unique footwear.

Finally, I have to talk about an investment I made years ago but only recently have made full use of: Hair Chalk.


Some years ago I bought a giant box of about 24 chalk sticks for about £5 and they’re still roughly within that range on Amazon now. I was given the opportunity to get a tester stick to see if it would show on my dark hair and surprisingly paler colours would show well, and even better if I applied a white layer beneath.

Now that I am blonde, I have finally decided to go all-out on the temporary colours. It applied easily, made hardly any mess (just had very colourful fingers) and washes out without any issue. If you’ve always wanted coloured hair but never had the commitment to dye it, hair chalk is your cheap super temporary option for any occasion.

Also, far less worry about hair damage!


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